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Health Benefits of Saffron

:Helps In The Treatment Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies Have Revealed That Saffron May Be A Safe, Successful Treatment For Patients Experiencing Light To Moderate Alzheimer’s Disease. Specifically, Researchers Found The Fact That Saffron Reversed Aluminum Toxicity, Memory Loss, And Neurological Disorders Linked With Dementia And Alzheimer’s.

:Inhibits The Development Of Cancer Cells

Researchers Has It That Carotenoids Content Of Saffron Are Toxic To Cancer Cells. When Saffron Is Naturally Absorbed By The Cancer Cell, The Cell Dies Off. What Is Surprising Though Is That Saffron Do Not Have This Lethal Effect On Healthy Cells.

:Lowers Blood Pressure

A Carotenoid Found In Saffron, Crocetin, Works As A Strong Blood Pressure-Lowering Agent. Some Researchers Have Credited The Low Prevalence Of Heart Disease In Spain To Their High Consumption Of Saffron.

:Aids In Weight Reduction

Saffron Has Been Shown To Help Individuals Seeking To Lose Weight Minimize Their Snacking Habits. This Was Demonstrated In A Published Study Where Mildly Overweight Women Were Made To Take Saffron.

:Relieving Of Premenstrual Syndrome And Depression

Saffron Is A Strong Antidepressant And May Be A Good Alternative To Drugs Prescribed By Physicians. The Advantage Saffron Has Over Prescription Drugs Is That It Doesn’t Have Any Side Effects And It’s Not Addictive. Women Can Make Of Saffron To Relieve Pain During Their Menstrual.

:Slows Down Macular Degeneration

According To Studies From Universities In Italy And Australia, Saffron May Prevent And Slow Down The Degeneration (AMD) And Retinitis Pigmentosa. During Clinical Trials That Involve AMD Patients, 23 Out Of The 25 Patients Examined Showed Signs Of Improvement Throughout The Experiment Period. The Patients Received A Daily Oral Dose Of 20 Milligrams Of Saffron During The Period Of The Study.

We Do Care & Believes In Red Gold Flower Zafuzar For Exporting

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